Known also as Dworkin's Game Driver, this was an LP-inspired MUD that had the same virtual machine design (i.e. driver) as LPMud and could also support other LP mudlibs.

DGD has been described as a re-imagined LPMud. The author himself referred to it as a re-write.

The codebase was always closely associated to BeeHive Internet Technologies at ichat.com, and was a failure at its commercial enterprise of licensing the MUD server software for $100/month.

While the server boasted a smaller memory footprint than LPMud, it came at the cost of massively increased disk-usage, and being slower.

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  • Original Developers

  • Felix A. Croes

  • Language(s)

  • C

  • Release Year

  • 1993

  • Software License

  • AGPL

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DGD != LPmud, but without LPmud DGD could not have existed.