The sequel to the first MUD. A commercial enterprise whose existence continues to this very day.

Similar to most of the early commercial MUDs, it has the trappings of a fantasy setting and follows recognizable RPG elements.

There are no traditional classes, however, there are 12 character levels, with the last one essentially being god-hood, which as was commonly done in the first decade of MUDs, was referred to as being a "Wizard" or "Wiz".

The MUD server has been fairly active with (though declining) has solidly seen new player activity for many years. There is still an official website for MUD2 that has more information.

Until 2015 the MUD even had a digital magazine, referred to as the Muddled Times.

There are dozens of guides for newbies, and is fairly newbie friendly, even though its unique design keeps it fairly different from the popular codebases that most mudders are familiar with.

The source code was never made publicly available.


None / Not Available
  • Original Developers

  • Richard Bartle

  • Language(s)

  • C, Pascal, MUDDLE

  • Release Year

  • 0

  • Software License

  • Custom

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