MudOS is a highly evolved and advanced LPMud. While other LP derivatives at the time were using older LPMud versions, particularly 2.4.5, the 3.0 family was new, and considerably different than its earlier incarnations. It was with the advent of 3.0 that MudOS came about, by a fairly big group of contributors.

All that work paid off, as it became a wildly popular codebase. The name was no idle choice either, as it continued the initial work made by LP, the idea of the driver being separate from the mudlib, and contained many interesting advancements (such as an LPC variant).

Some MUDs that adopted MudOS ended up migrating or returning to other or newer LPMuds (such as the renowned Genocide MUD that mentioned speed concerns). However, with processor power in the current age, that would be a negligible concern.

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  • Original Developers

  • Erik Kay, Adam Beeman, John Garnett, Stephan Iannce

  • Language(s)

  • C

  • Release Year

  • 1992

  • Software License

  • Perl Artistic License

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